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Cheezy Veggie Banana Coconut Peanut Butter & Jelly Pumpkin

High in Omega 3 & Beta-Carotene

This power pack of super ingredients is no "mushy pumpkin"! And these are not just yummy but can help your baby with an upset belly, constipation, and diarrhea.
8oz Bag
ingredients: flaxseed meal, yellow and orange lentils, oatmeal, organic pumpkin, organic peanut butter, whole flaxseed, bananas, turmeric, ceylon (cinnamon), liquid trace minerals, alkaline water.
Flaxseed: Flaxseed oil is said to be helpful in the treatment and prevention of cancer in dogs. Omega-3 fatty acids work to slow down cancer growth or prevent it in the first place. Better yet, regular intake of this substance can boost the immune system over time, helping your dog's body fight against the cancer on its own or prevent free radicals from converting more cells into cancer. Also great for arthritis and a healthy coat. Yellow & Orange Lentils: Help with the bowels and cut down in the growth of polyups that cause bowel cancer. Also aid in reduced risk of heart disease - the high levels of folate and magnesium protect the heart. Lentils are a great source of B vitamins (folate and niacin (B3)). B vitamins are important for the healthy functioning of the nervous, digestive, and immune systems. Oats: Contain a special type of fiber that boosts the immune system and helps fight bacterial infections. It also contains a special antioxidant that protects the heart from free radicals and helps reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes. I only use high-quality, human-grade, whole grain oats in my treats that are chock-full of nutrients. Oats are loaded with a soluble fiber called beta-glucan. Beta-glucans are incredibly viscous and help to thicken the membranes of the intestines when broken down. This thickening prevents the absorption of bile acids, which are made up of cholesterol. If the body has no bile acids to use in digestion, it must take up the cholesterol in the blood to replenish the bile acid, therefore reducing the amount of cholesterol in the bloodstream. Over time, enough of the cholesterol in the blood is removed to show a significant reduction or maintain healthy levels. But the benefits of oats do not end there... Low cholesterol in the bloodstream means reduced risk of heart disease. The high fiber in oats may also contribute to colon health and act as an aid to combat constipation. In addition to the benefits of a whole lot of fiber, these tasty grains also boast high protein levels and good sources of magnesium, iron, zinc as well as several B vitamins. In humans, oats have also been linked to controlling blood sugar levels, which could also benefit dogs with diabetes. Not to mention that oats are packed with selenium, a powerful antioxidant that has been linked to heart health, DNA repair and colon cancer prevention. Pumpkin: Support urinary health. An excellent source of beta-carotene, iron, Vitamin A, potassium, and fiber. The nutrients found in pumpkin help to keep a dog's immune system strong, thereby strengthening resistance to cancer and other disease. Pumpkin puree can help remedy upset tummies, constipation and diarrhea, making it a useful tool for dogs with digestive issues. Give just a teaspoon to a couple tablespoons (depending on the size of your dog) and it can help relieve upset stomach and digestive issues (poopy problems). If you have a dog with excessive weight and need to cut calories, consider adding some pumpkin puree to the diet. Bananas: high in potassium. Ripened bananas, meaning bananas have brown spots on the skin and are softer, do in fact help prevent and treat cancer. As a banana ripens it produces a chemical known as "TNF" or Tumor Necrosis Factor. This combats irregular cells such as cancer cells and helps aid white blood cells. The riper the banana, the more cancer fighting power it has. Turmeric: so many benefits it's hard to list them all. Aids in fat metabolism and weight management; Allergic respiratory disorders - Ashthma; Arthritis; Curcumin’s anti-inflammatory properties relieves aches and pains associated with arthritis; Beneficial for trauma from accidents as it helps lower serum levels which would otherwise cause massive inflammation leading to the shutdown of the heart and other organs; Artherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries – heart disease) by lowering bad LDL cholesterol; Bacterial infections – the volatile oil is an external broad spectrum antibiotic which acts to prevent bacterial infection in wounds; Blood purifier – beneficial in the treatment of skin disorders, Cancer inhibitor, Cardiovascular conditions; Chemotherapy – reduces the negative side-effects of chemotherapy; Detoxifier – turmeric is a natural liver detoxifier; Disinfectant for wounds and burns (antiseptic and antibacterial);Digestive disorders;Turmeric induces the flow of bile which acts to breakdown fat; Protects against injuries caused by some medications; Helps prevent gas/bloating; Inflammation (turmeric’s anti-inflammatory quality has been compared to topical hydrocortisone); Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD; Memory disorders; Neuritis (inflammation of the optic nerve), Peptic ulcers; Skin disorders; Strengthens ligaments. Note: Turmeric is even more powerful as a cancer inhibitor when teamed up with cauliflower…especially prostate cancer. But, note that too much cauliflower can be toxic to dogs. Cinnamon: An anti-inflammatory - great for senior dogs struggling with arthritis. Note: excess consumption of cinnamon can cause liver damage in dogs - we only use a little. Trace Minerals: Selenium, for example, has a lot of health benefits - from cancer prevention to protecting dogs from various diseases such as heart disease, IBD, arthritis, and skin problems. Selenium is a trace mineral that has antioxidant properties and can be found in many foods. The blend we use contains the following: Magnesium, Calcium, Selenium, Potassium, Chromium, Iron, Zinc, Phosphorus, Copper, Manganese, Sodium, Litium. (comes from our Maui sea water)