Cheezy Veggie Banana Coconut Peanut Butter & Jelly Pumpkin
Vegan Dog Treats are more than just flavors!
Vegan Dog Treats  What we look for in our ingredients: - organic - natural - non GMO when we can - no grains - no flours or other fillers - helpful and beneficial for optimal nutrition - ingredients that don't turn to sugars* in the body (these feed cancers)
Vegan Dog Treats are full of rich healthy and hearty ingredients that aren't just there for filler! They are nearly complete little meals in the palm of your hand. We've spent a lot of time in our kitchen finding new ways to combine real food to get real yummy results that your dog will love and those that will be good for them too. And rather than fully cook our foods or overheat them til the ingredients have lost their nutritional value, we prefer to make them raw to retain their fullest embodiment of flavor and nutition (we do cook our beans and lentils though). When we say raw, we mean that when all of our ingredients are lovingly chosen and combined, then we spread the "dough" out on dehydrator racks for a few days and dry them, not baking them. So, they are never heated over 100 degrees. This keeps the food intact and many of the nutrients undisturbed. It's a lengthy process and not each one comes out exactly cookie cutter because they are all cut by hand. We know its the best way to eat in our human kitchen, so now it's about time our pups were pampered too! We aim to use the best ingredients we can find, and that means we pay a bit more for them, but we've learned that cancer and poor health are more expensive in the long run if poor diet is the norm. Having healthy lifestyle choices now prevents so many things later! Though we don't like to claim that our treats will heal cancer, we do like to say that they won't likely aid in cancer development. What do we mean by that? What could be better than curing your dog’s cancer? That’s easy! How about not feeding ingredients that turn to sugar and feed cancer or provide a kind of "hostile" environment that aid it's growth - better yet, avoiding the illness in the first place! No one (we know of) has done any clinical trials or statistical studies that prove you can prevent cancer in at-risk dogs. “But common sense and clinical experience make a strong case for avoiding anything that exposes an animal to known carcinogens or weakens the immune system,” says Stacey Hershman, DVM, a holistic housecall veterinarian in Rockland County, New York. A minimal vaccination protocol is recommended by holistic vets and veterinary colleges. Increasingly, overvaccination has been identified as a health risk. Just like their human companions, dogs live longer, healthier lives when they eat the right foods, get enough exercise, breathe clean air, drink clean water, and stay away from harmful substances. They may also be helped by immune-boosting herbs, supplements, special foods, and a few things you might not have thought of. Let us start with the ingredients... please take a look at the benefits of those we have chosen on our product pages... * note: dates and bananas are a bit higher in natural sugars than the remainder of the ingredients we have chosen.