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If Humans Can Thrive As Vegan's Why Wouldn't Dogs? Shiitake became ill with cancer (lymphoma) just before we went to make our dream move to Maui, Hawaii and despite our veterinarian's opinion, we put her on a plane and flew her to our new home. Afterall, she is my baby! (By the way, he advised me to put her down.) I had always fed what I believed to be the top human grade and/or raw foods. I've done many fasts and cleanses as a yoga teacher and practitioner of alternative health and healing modalities and I began to think much more about what I was feeding and how that might be mimicked in a dogs body. But, then, something clicked with me... I'm vegan, so why isn't my dog? I did some research and began testing it out. I knew that I could reverse some of her health issues with fresh foods, but could I change everything? I believed Shiitake, my 5 year old Chinese Shar Pei, was too young to die and I was also tired of harming other animals so she could live. She was supposed to pass just a month after her diagnosis, but after we added some natural meds from my vet, switched her diet, and added vegan dog treats she ended up surprising her veterinarian (and me) and living another 7 months! She got to enjoy the beaches of Maui, the cool upcountry hills, long rides in the car, her favorite - Maui cows, and calm relaxing nights at home. I believe if she was on this diet to begin with she would have never seen her cancer, but unfortunately we couldn't reverse everything. I believe she did teach me some great things about health and diet and it is now her legacy for me to continue to share that with others. I lost the best friend I have ever had on 10/14/13 and I hope that you don't have to loose yours! Please let me share with you what I have learned... and PLEASE dont wait til your dog is sick to make these changes! I found all kinds of things out about dogs and cancer. I have decided that if 50% OF DOGS DIE OF CANCER than I better try to jump in and do something about it. I don't care to make any political statements, but I can't ignore some important information I found while researching her care. Not only do 50% OF DOGS DIE FROM CANCER, but it's alarming what we are feeding our best friends. If you find the whole subject of vegan "dogism" weird and un natural then I ask - "what is natural about feeding them what they are eating. See slideshare presentation on research page... These raw food treats I have created are not only vegan, taste-tested by my family, but also do not have wheat, sugars, or others fruits and vegetables that end up feeding cancer. Therefore, I say they are "designed with cancer in mind". Cancer thrives on sugars and many ingredients used in even the healthiest foods (potatoes, peas, carrots, rice, wheat) end up turning to sugar. And many "healthy foods" end up just costing more. Please look at the ingredients in your dogs food and know where it comes from. I offer a complimentary 1-hour consultation about diet, cancer advice from a mother's perspective, and can even assist you in developing a great recipe for your best friend. Please contact me today! I really want to help! They are there with us through some of the toughest times in life and some of the best - I believe your dog deserves better! Sincerely, Nicole Gabriel Nicole Gabriel Founder
Speaker, Healthy Dog Adviser and Advocate for Good Dog Health